Tier One Life Support is a developer of a comprehensive range of modular structural solutions to meet the expanding demand of our clients. With our experienced in-house architectural and engineering design business unit, we have designed and developed modular products to include working and living accommodation, kitchen and dining, medical, workshops, power generation and telecommunications as well as specialized solutions such as ballistic protection, munitions storage and transportation and mobile fuel stations.

Tier One Life Support product solution design and architecture is developed in-house in our R&D facility located in Dubai.

Tier One Life Support has extensively invested in building partnerships in Europe and Asia with our Quality Control and Assurance teams located within the manufacturing units to ensure compliance to ISO 1161 and ISO 1496 as well as to client specific requirements such as EU/UK/US building standards. We have the ability to manufacture 100 – 500 accommodation units a day.

Not only do we develop and build facilities, Tier One Life Support also provide complete Operations and Maintenance services to include running a Dining Facility, and if wanted, based on your own menu plan.